Yin Yoga Class Archive

Welcome to the free yin yoga class archive.

For the lockdown period I have created six free 30-minute beginners’ yin yoga classes, each focusing on a different move.

If you’re interested in taking part in one of my longer, live online classes, you can find more information about these by clicking on the links below.

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Lesson 1: Butterfly

Feeling stressed? Feeling anxious? Take some time out, focus on your breath, and get connected with your body.

I’m going to focus on one yin posture in each lesson; here we take a look at “Butterfly”.

Lesson 2: Twist

This lesson focuses on a twist; really helpful for any lower back pain you might be experiencing from too much working at home or even too much gardening! So, find a comfortable place to lie down; you don’t need any special equipment, but a cushion or two and/or pillow and blanket might be helpful. Put on some relaxing music and take some time to tune out of your busy day and tune into your breath and how your body feels. Enjoy!

Lesson 3: Shoulders

Have you spent too much time hunched over the computer and you’re feeling like you need someone to straighten you up? Are you feeling anxious and finding it hard to sleep? Why not take 25 minutes out of your busy day to look after yourself? Slow down, reconnect to your breath and tune into how your body actually feels. This short routine helps you to open out across the front of the body and get the shoulders feeling like they’re back in the right place again. Learn to breathe in fully to find movement in the ribs, allowing the lungs to fill and helping you to lose some of those feelings of anxiety.

Lesson 4: Deer Pose

In this lesson we’re going to take a look at “deer” pose – one of my favourites. It’s particularly good for any niggling lower back pain you might have, particular that sciatic-type pain which you might also feel down through the leg(s). I find it really helpful for myself – this is a pain I sometimes get (particularly after decorating!), but I’ve also found it very helpful for my massage clients. Given you can’t get a massage right now, this would be a great way to get that feeling of myofascial release that your therapist will often use to help release the tension in your lower back and glutes.

Lesson 5: Bananasana

Do you ever feel like you’ve spent too much timing sitting down – maybe at a desk or on the sofa? Feeling like you’re all collapsed into your middle and you just need to stretch out so that you can sit or stand up straight again? Let me introduce you to a new yin yoga pose: Bananasana. Yes, that’s right, the banana pose! I’ll show you how you can get a wonderful stretch down both sides of the body and into the sides of the waist, so you feel at least 2cm taller.

Lesson 6: Sphinx

This is part six of our exploration of yin yoga postures and we focus this time on opening out the front of the shoulders. Do you ever feel like your shoulders are hunched forward and all you can feel is pain in your upper back and neck? You just need someone to pull those shoulders back and straighten you out, relieving all that tension across the back of your body? We  take a look at sphinx – a wonderful posture to open out across the collar-bones and down the front of your body. Take some time out of your day to reset your back and relieve the tension in your body and stress in your mind.